About Us

Personal Phiosophies

The vast majority of people go to work to make a difference
Learn the lesson and then move on
People are not always able to be at their best due to poor leadership or pressing personal issues
Work with a consultant mindset
Treat people with respect, from the cleaner to the CEO, you never know who may assist you in the future
Bring a positive can do attitude to everything you do
Bringing problems/issues to senior managers should be accompanied with potential solutions
Keep confidential information confidential
Thought leadership is the # 1 thing I can bring to an organisation
Keep the saw sharp
Spending 100% of my time on communication will not be enough, so communication needs to be targeted and succinct
Where time permits, or outside of working hours, I will provide 5% to 10% of my time on networking in addition to mentoring, coaching, counselling as requested
Every week I need to make at least one significant contribution and preferably two or three
My ‘business card’ is my achievements

Making a Difference at Work

Build a High Functioning Team: Workshop with key personnel regarding the existing systems and processes
Document As Is and To Be: Data map end to end processes, including what happens when things go wrong
Distribute the data maps widely & walkthrough them with key personnel, with a mindset of ongoing continuous improvement 
Fully understand / research what needs to be fixed or what the high level point of arrival is being sought --> Become the Expert
Compile or assist in compiling the detailed requirements
Provide leadership to find the optimum solution, bearing in mind budget, company culture, skill sets
Document solution options using detailed process/system maps & walkthrough solution options with key personnel / senior managers
Maintain a list of key tasks / deliverables
Provide high level cost estimates for the solution alternatives
Gain approval to proceed on a particular solution
Complete the solution design(s)
Where I’m the project/programme manager maintain MS project plan, RAID log, detailed budget, communication plan, inspire people